Intellectual Property and Licensing Opportunities

Us Patent and Trademark OfficenGimat employs numerous trade secerets and has over 40 issued or allowed U.S. patents as well as patent applications pending covering its raw materials, processes, equipment, composition of matter, intermediate products and final products. nGimat also has various patent applications pending in more than 15 countries worldwide. While almost all of the pending patents are owned by nGimat, the industrial partners of nGimat also play a key role in enhancing intellectual property protection. Under strategic licensing arrangements, nGimat adopts a cross-fertilization framework that promotes a win-win mentality between nGimat and its partners.

Specifically, an nGimat partner may be given exclusive rights to nGimat technology in a defined field-of-use. All nGimat intellectual property would be licensed to the partner in that field, including existing and future developments, regardless of the inventive source. Any spin-off developments resulting from the relationship, however, will benefit any and all other applications outside of the field. In this manner, nGimat and its partners benefit from the collective contributions of the Company’s alliances.

Beyond patents, nGimat is developing an intellectual property base that will include protection in the form of trade secrets, informational databases and registered and non-registered trademarks. The Company believes that its intellectual property base will provide a cradle-to-grave product protection, including operating procedures, engineering specifications, chemical solutions, proprietary process control software, equipment, material compositions, deposition nozzle design and manufacturing and end products.

nGimat is constantly evaluating its intellectual property portfolio to determine opportunities for technology licensing.

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