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less than 1 kg
1 kg
Bismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide (BSCCO)
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Copper Oxide
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Cerium Oxide
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Lithium Titanate
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Lithium Manganese Oxide (Spinel)
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Lithium Manganese Nickel Oxide (Spinel)
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Zinc Oxide, Aluminum doped
ZnO, 6% Al
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Amorphous Calcium Phosphate
Ca2P2O7 · xH2O
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Tricalcium Phosphate
Ca3(PO4)2 · xH2O
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Single Metal Oxide Nanopowders
Bi-Metal Oxide Nanopowders
Multi-Metal Oxide Nanopowders
Metal Phosphate and Hydroxide Nanopowders
Metal and Metal Alloy Nanopowders
Nanopowder Dispersions
Graphene Products

nGimat’s products can be purchased either directly from us, or through our distribution partner Sigma-Aldrich, depending on product and quantity. Free shipping on all orders greater than 1kg.

For quantities of 1kg or larger, all products can be purchased directly from nGimat.
For quantities under 1 kg, some products are sold through Sigma-Aldrich.
Please contact nGimat for bulk pricing.

Specifications of products sold through Sigma-Aldrich may be found on the Sigma-Aldrich webpage specific to that product. Products sold through nGimat will typically have an average particle size of <100nm and purity >98% (metals basis).

Delivery times may vary depending on product. Price may change without notice. Shipping cost extra.

Special Orders: Based on a customer’s needs, nGimat can tailor composition, particle size, purity, dopants and surface treatment for nanopowders. nGimat can also formulate new nanopowder dispersions with a customer’s choice of nanopowder composition, loading and dispersion medium. Please contact nGimat to request a specific quote on a special order item or for bulk pricing on lots significantly larger than 1kg or 1 liter.

Precious metal prices are subject to more frequent changes. Please contact nGimat to confirm current price.