Postdoctoral Research Associate

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will conduct R&D research in order to deliver projects objectives and develop new applications for the nGimat’s state-of-the-art technologies. Must be able to talk with customers and write proposals. A strong background in materials science, ceramic materials processing and sintering, and advanced ceramic coating technologies is required. The successful candidate will interact with neighboring universities to outsource certain analytical services and also perform R&D activities and is expected to have hands-on experience with materials characterization and mechanical testing techniques. Significant successful track record and publications will be a plus.

Summary of Other Responsibilities:

• Present information clearly in writing and in oral format
• Interact with government agency and commercial customer contacts to ensure project success.
• Interact with managers, process engineers and equipment supervisors to develop and accomplish work-plans.
• Interact with equipment suppliers for installation and repair.
• Develop and review synthesis and analytical methods
• Review lab and analysis documentation for best practices.
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment.

Desired Qualifications:

nGimat is seeking problem solving self-motivated materials scientist with a PhD degree that can independently conduct research projects and write grant proposals. The ideal candidate will have the following skills: (1) grant writing and customer interaction; (2) familiarity with ceramic coating technologies and challenges; (3) experience in handling and analyzing large volumes of data; (4) experience in correlating analytical data with structure and properties of materials; (5) experience in applying analytical techniques to product development and troubleshooting. A qualified candidate should possess good communication skills, good organizational skills, capable of prioritizing tasks, good computer skills and attention to detail. This position requires interaction with internal and external customers and with collaborators in government and universities. Prior experience with various analytical skills is required.
Other Requirements: Must have U.S. citizenship or a valid green card in order to meet all requirements of nGimat’s military and defense-related customers.


• Open-minded and creative
• Meets deadlines and performance objectives
• Able to solve problems and improve performance
• Communicate clearly and promptly, both verbally and in writing to customers and internally
• Action oriented, pragmatic and enjoys working
• Optimistic, enthusiastic and a leader
• Team player that works well in collaborative situations
• Customer-oriented
• Adhere to Company’s commitment to quality
• Willingness to do any task

Reports To:

CEO and Project Manager

Key Interactions:

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will work closely with members in all areas of the Company. He/she will interact with the Company’s managers, material scientists, process engineers, equipment managers and interns to develop and introduce products into the marketplace. The individual will also interact with local universities and labs to outsource analytical services and interpret data received from these labs.



Company Overview:

nGimat is a Lexington-based developer and manufacturer of nanomaterials in the following areas: nanopowders, nanocomposite formulations, and coatings. The Company’s products result from its unique capability to deposit a wide variety of nanostructured materials and the new FAFS coating process. Products under development include: (1) 45 nanopowder compositions sold to Sigma Aldrich; (2) coatings onto wire; (3) other nanopowders for use in a multiplicity of products; and, (4) polymeric nanocomposites and inorganic films for use in commercial large scale applications such as food and beverage packaging, and other applications.

Interested and qualified parties should also review the Company at its web site: and and may submit their resume in confidence to: We will respond to qualified candidates for whom there is an interest.