nGimat LLC

Formed in 2010, nGimat, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of nGimat Co. and specializes in nanomaterials R&D and manufacturing for the energy, electronics, consumer & biomedical industries.

nGimat’s proprietary NanoSpray CombustionTM processing technology and NanomiserTM device allow low-cost, high-volume production of nanoEngineered MaterialsTM with unique performance characteristics.
nGimat’s products are available as dry nanopowders or can be converted to dispersions, slurries, pastes or nanocomposites to enable next generation products, particularly targeted for energy storage, conversion & transmission applications.

nGimat Co.

Hydroxylapatite & Calcium PhosphatesnGimat Co., founded in 1994 by CEO/CTO Andrew Hunt, is the parent company of nGimat LLC. After moving the nanopowder operations to Lexington, Kentucky in 2010, the Norcross, Georgia facility is focused on the development and commercialization of nanostructured thin-films. The NanoSpraySM Combustion Processing technology for coatings and nanopowders, along with the Nanomiser® Device, was invented by Dr. Hunt. nGimat has multiple U.S. patents and patent applications pending covering its raw materials, processes, equipment, composition of matter, intermediate products and final products. For more information, please visit the nGimat Co. homepage at www.ngimat.com.